About Us


“A garden is a piece of art you live in.”

It’s one thing to find a garden designer who listens. It’s another to find one who understands. Julie Friedrichsen is a Southern California-based design professional who can do both.

With two decades experience in estate and residential landscape design-build, Julie understands where you are coming from, and the solutions you need to take your garden where you want it to be.

From contoured coastal canyon gardens to classic parterres, green walls to water features, Julie designs and oversees projects varying in scale and diversity. Working with a team of licensed contractors and craftspeople, she creates environmentally friendly retreats with strong visual elements and bold textures.

Her success rests with her ability to design gardens that are artistic, timeless and exceed expectations. A champion of the farm to table food movement, Julie counts among her specialties a portfolio of edible landscape installations that artfully incorporate organic vegetables, fruits and herbs into attractive and functional home gardens.

In addition to the aesthetic reason for adding landscape elements around your home, Julie designs landscapes with conservation benefits in mind. She achieves this with designs that are conscious of water management, green waste management, strategically placed shade trees, filtering run-off through selected plantings, stabilizing soils for erosion control, and creating fire buffer zones.

Julie’s professional approach is to transform outdoor spaces into tranquil landscaped environments for people to live, work and play.